Sunday, June 13, 2010

My submission for the latest CALYPSO MOON ARTIST MOVEMENT challenge, put on by Alice Thompson, the theme is LIGHT IN DARKNESS, details can be found on her website/blog.

I painted from a photo I took on our trip to China,
on the cruise down the Yangtze river we stopped at a temple and some of our fellow passengers made their offerings, with letters and red candles.
Painted in oil on a 8 by 10 canvas panel.


  1. This images of prayer candles being lit really touches perfectly on the subject of "Light in Darkness." You captured the moment brilliantly as one man is placing his offer while two wait and witness. There are not a lot of strong details but enough to understand what is happening. I think it would have been nice for the lighter background behind the two men on the right to have been continued behind the man with the candle because his dark shirt fades too easily into the background. His face is closest to the light so it and his shirt should be quite bright. The fire in the offering plate is very well done. You can almost feel the heat!

  2. This is a very striking image and painted very well. Love how the light shines on their faces. The entire image evokes a sense of mystery. I don't mind the background as it is - it adds to the mystery. A very interesting painting, and yes, I can feel the heat from the fire as well.