Sunday, September 5, 2010


At one of the art shows I participated, one of the prizes I won was a 4 ft. by 3. ft canvas, after about a year of storage, I tackled the monster, it was quite a project plus it gave me the excuse to buy a new easel, good thing we have 10 ft ceilings. It is the largest oil painting I've ever done. It won best of show at the local fair, and my wife said its NFS.


  1. The largest canvas I ever worked on was 60"x96". I built it in my 400sq. ft. studio that had 13' high ceilings but the door was a normal size door so getting it out of the studio, down the hall, bending around to the stairway and out the back door was an experience. The person who commissioned it has a vestibule that it hangs in, being a room larger than my studio! It looks just the right size there. Your Dancers are lovely - especially like the flowing fabric on the female.

  2. This is just stunning! There's a great deal of movement and indeed suspension here. I'mm very impressed an looking forward to following your blog!