Saturday, January 15, 2011

Painting for the Studio Atelier Blog

This oil painting is for the Studio Atelier Blog a monthly Challenge put on by Barb Benik, who provides the excellent photos.


  1. Lovely, as usual. The perspective, light and dark are all perfect to me. How do you manage to work so fast and participate in all challenges? I want the secret :-)

  2. Amazing! I just saw the original photo and you aced it...perfect..shadows and all! I agree with Millie ..I need your secret to working as quickly as you do..again, beautiful.

  3. Thank you Millie and Hilda for you kind comments, I sleep very little and I love to neglect Honeydo items on my list, plus I cut out mindless TV watching. I love both of your art and your Blogs,
    Thanks Horst