Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lanscape Study

My submission to the Calypso Moon Artist Movement, put on by Alice Thompson.
I am taking a "Landscape From Photos", ONLINE class, from Johannes Vloothuis on, (available to anyone for free for the next 2 month, classes are Saturday and Sunday). I painted this Oregon Cascade Mountain scene from a photo, it took about 4 hours at our weekly paint get-together, interrupted only by a member potluck gourmet lunch.
I tried to incorporated some of the things we learned, like non repetitive shapes. Oil on 16 by 20 canvas.


  1. Horst, this is beautiful! I am imagining myself standing right where you were and just breathing in this breathtaking scene!

  2. This has a very warm pleasant feel about it.

  3. I really like your painting - the composition, with a scattering of trees against the snow drift on the mountain. The red color makes this winter scene feel warm. Very well done.

  4. i can feel the warmth on a cold day of the first light really a wonderful painting